Alfred Wallace and Raja Ampat Village life

raja ampat boat - bigkanu

There is a fascinating conclusion by a writer called Alfred Wallace, the guy who was the real origin of the Darwinian, Origin of Species, the Theory of Evolution.

Its if interest to me, as Wallace spent a chunk of his time here in Raja Ampat, over his 8 years of travel, around 140 years ago.

Aside of giving us the lines that divide the Austro species like marsupials from the Indo species like tigers... Wallace mapped the racial profiles of the human species in a frank way that no scientist would be a liberty to publish these days.

The Raja Ampat area falls the along the dividing line between the Malay Asiatic races and the Papuan mob, who form part of a much bigger, Melanesian, Polynesian and Pacific mob, maybe of Lemurian ancestry.

Surprisingly, Wallace reckons the Papuan / Melanesian mobs are smarter, faster to laughter, more upfront, and physically taller, stronger and more energetic than thier Asiatic neighbours. Thats not a common view.

Malay mobs had a thousand years of interference from Arabs, Chinese, European and colonising forces, and had differences in the balance of education/ignorance, master/slave, and rich/poor divisions.

Wallace observed that societies without laws, without education, and without that rich/ poor divide, functioned a lot more smoothly and happily than those of sophisticated societies, with their crime, injustice, perpetual war mongering, and a me me me ethos.

We in the west look down on these simple island societies, as a less evolved mob, but quite frankly, our societal angst just builds and builds, based on ludicrously accepted value systems that say being wealthy is the way to being happy. Being smart and educated is better than being unfussed by complex cartels of infomation. Being luxuriated is better than being a bit exposed to it all.

140 years ago, Europe was hardly the place it is now, but the same forces were at work, which are now stronger than ever, and are pushing society backwards, as simple things like empathy vaporise in societies managed by leaders whose tactic is just to rubbish opponents rather than take the Jacinta Ahern pathway.

We are going backwards, while “progress” deludes us into thinking the opposite.

Any Greenie will give you a ten minute discourse on the end destination of where we are all now headed. But its bigger than an environmental problem we face, its a societal demise we face, not in terms of crime stats, but interms of the simple wellbeing of us as humans.

We are disconnecting from our default design happiness state, and reconnecting to illusionary, materialist, non empathetic, badly structured groups, of rich/ poor, master/servant, educated/ ignorant.

Neither riches, power, or knowledge makes a mob cohesive, but rather, it fractures us. If you want proof, just come spend some time in a Melanesian village, and see for yourself.