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Raja Ampat Wharfing
May 3, 2019
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Raja Ampat Islands – The Last Paradise
May 13, 2019
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Living In Pretty Good Life

raja ampat boat - bigkanu

If you were to run around naked, playing with friends, enjoying lots of sex, dining on endless fresh seafood, with no rent to pay, and maybe only 20% of your time dedicated to work to get food, you would be living a pretty good life.

If ontop of this, your felt warm and engaged by your little tribe, and you enjoyed a high level of intelligent discussion, while traveling non stop, with little or nothing to worry about, no crime, no war, no greed, nothing much by way of a threat, ...hey, I would call that a life.

No need for bank accounts, no need for a wallet. No need for stuff. No need to worry about factious religious ideas, as all your spiritual senses were fully intact, and you could clearly sense what was going on at all levels.

Everything in your life happens in the now, and there is no need to constantly juxtapose every experience against the past, or worry about the future. If this is your life....you are a dolphin.

For all his evolutionary smarts, the Homo Sapien, compared to a dolphin, lives a tragic life trapped in a mental prison of false values that makes what could be a charmed life, into a slave trade in getting by.

The idea of the mythological water planet inhabited by whales and dolphins living in complete bliss is indeed a charmed idea, but that planet is also Planet Earth, here and now, where one rather awkward spoiler is ruining things. And we all know who that spoiler is.