Raja Ampat Karst Climb Every Mountain

raja ampat boat - bigkanu

Climbing and summiting in Raja Ampat for view points is a bit of a thing. A bit of effort pays a big dividend. Some of the views are hard to top.

Wayag has 3 karst climbs to overlook the aqua lagoons, often with 360 degree views all around .

The Wayag climbs are steep, tricky, and cover brutally jagged limestone surfaces, but at least grip is at a premium. People suffering vertigo are advised to stay at sea level.

President Jokowi visited the viewpoints at Piaynemo, and decided to throw a few million dollars at Western grade docking, immaculate staircases, and Instagram perfect viewing decks.

Locals have carved out a climb at the end of Kabui bay, one near the water font source, and a second on the north shore, with staircase halfway, and charmed jetty we often use.

Misool to has its own staircase to a joyous view.

The views on offer are very special, where limestone karst islets make giant sculptures in the sea.

The limestone itself comes from microscopic shells deposited in a shallow sea over millions of years, that were compressed, then uplifted out of the sea, to erode like hot candle wax in the sun.

The dramatic shapes created as time chips away are unlike any other geological anomaly and are at their shapeliest best in Wayag, and the more distant Misool.

So everyone wants to get that view, whether for simple curiosity, or narcissistic Instagram promotion. Either way, the result is a buzz.