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Trybrid Adventurer Raja Ampat Charter – Seasickness No More
April 11, 2019
Brutus with a puppy.
April 15, 2019
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Raja Ampat Wharfing

Not Marina people.
We love a jetty, a wharf, a dinner party on the deck.
A yoga class at sunrise. A photo shoot with a dozen curly headed kids, inbetween some backflip aerial diving. Jag a sardine, or become a sardine yourself, its a wonderland under every single wharf in Raja Ampat. Mantas, GTs on the prowl, squid squads, carpet bagging sharks as unshaven as Rasputan, widdle seahorses, schools…in fact whole universities of millions of slivery slither, all in one consciousness. People wonder why we would use a wharf when so much pristine nature is on offer, and the reason is simple: wharfs are magnets for life, both above and below the water.
Nearly all wharfs are free to use, welcoming, and located in the best shelter, yet aside of speedboats, todate, we have never seen any boat as big as Trybrid Adventurer using these wonderful spaces. Our shallow draft and lighter weight help. We have quite a hunky gang plank, some hearty fenders, and we practise our approaches over and over.
Its not what hardware you have, its how you use it.

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