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April 15, 2019
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May 3, 2019
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Raja Ampat History

raja ampat boat - bigkanu

Once upon a time, in a land long long away, 4 dudes got laid in 4 very big fucking eggs.

Like all dudes in eggs, they rule.

Or they ruled at least.

This, bedtime children, is the mythological history of Raja Ampat, in a nutsell, or if not a nutshell, 4 big egg shells at least. The details of how these seemingly alien critters came to incarnate and rule is a bit sketchy.

But the seemingly nutso story is not so far removed from a whole card pack of indigenous creation stories, and besides, if you are a good Bible believing fella, don't forget the Christian text goes into its own weird interstellar breeding story around how the nefarious Nephilim came down to earth for a bit of a Sumerian breeding program.

So lets run with it, hoping the 4 eggs might have been 25kg Easter egg shells, and the poeple worshiped them, as they tasted so fabulous.

Given that the biology and geology of Raja Ampat is at the planets extreme end of the “wow” scale, maybe these 4 egg-boy kings, were pretty handy manifesters? Certainly, I aint complaining about their handiwork.

Maybe the 4 egg boys made a pact something like this, “Hey dudes, like, I got this smokin idea, lets get well loaded on interstellar Ayawashqua, and get some chocolate shit happening, and go hide in this Raja Ampat in Toblerone Easter eggs, and resurrect on Easter in time to rule, what ya reckon dudes, who's up for some trippy chocolate pigout?”

This is obviously what has happened. No other theory makes sense at all.