The waters of Raja Ampat are the richest on earth. With reefs dying all over the planet, humanity is lucky that Raja Ampat’s magnificent marine life is still in such pristine condition. Just grab a snorkel and mask, and go see for yourself…you do not need to go far from a boat to be amazed. Your kids may never see reef so good.

The real out-of-this-world splendour of Raja Ampat is the limestone karst islets, bays and canyons, which are unmatched worldwide. You may have seen one of the drone shots showing bays of aqua waters dotted with towering cone spires or mushroom isles, carpeted in a Jurassic biomass. Indeed it is unbelievably beautiful in parts. To see it all, we offer a different itinerary to a dive boat, aiming to take in all the best karst country, the hidden bays, jungle passages and Melanesian villages. Our Itinerary fleshes out each days viewing.

We will not prattle on like most websites selling the amasement that is Raja Ampat. The best way to see what is install is simply Google Raja Ampat Images. Pictures say it all.