Firstly, there is a beautiful, almost peaceful feel about life in Raja Ampat. It is not a scary unknown of rough seas and dangerous locals, it is gentle is nature. The boat we offer is super comfortable, safe and stable, and you do not need to share your cabin.

You will find the Melanesian village life slow, charming, and almost enchanting. These are little protestant Christian villages, with a 1960’s missionary feel.

The waters are warm, clear and fascinating. The boat itself was designed specifically for Raja Ampat, to tuck into bays, beaches and islets close to the shore, where you can easily swim, SUP or kayak a few meters to shore. Boat life, if anchored 500m from shore can be claustrophobic, but when we are backed on a beach where you step ashore, or jump up on a village jetty, offers an experience that is all about personal freedom to wander, to paddle off on a SUP board or kayak, or stroll through a village at sunset without a return deadline. It’s an adventure, yes, but it’s also gentle and fascinating. We cover about 270km around the islands, and taking it all in from the roof top lounge is quite the treat, especially through those amazing places where limestone karst islands burst out of the bay.

We try to deliver meals and menus well above our pay grade. Breakfasts are the big mutli choice options of western breakfast mainstays. We dine on a wharf or a beach most nights.We tend to a healthy agenda in our food, and we try to send everyone home a bit shinier. Lunches and dinners are all buffet style, and we use all fresh local produce, with limited processed product, using the market produce it in a fun, fusion of Asian and Western mix. If you have some food preferences as weird as your coffee order, we have a great chef working for 9 guests from 6 am to 8pm, and we can find a way to fulfil your fetish somehow. We are not big on one-use water bottles or soft drinks sorry, as we are sick of cleaning them off beaches. Booze is expensive in Raja Ampat, so we invite you to bring your own, and we have your beer, noting local supply price is unkind to us too. This is the equator, and we end up in the water a lot, and so we try to get the boat into inviting shallows where every is confident to swim or drift around on a float.